What is Pub Insurance?


If you are a publican then you do this for a reason, you enjoy running your own pub and business and love the chatter and social aspects that come with any business that involves customers. Your customers are the heart and soul of the publican business.

Most publicans have however comes across customers who do not hold any level of respect for the rights of the publican and bring disharmony to the pub itself. Sometimes events occur which cause time sensitive issues that bring huge financial burdens and implications. Sometimes unexpected events such as injuries and accidents to staff or customers can bring about a claim for negligence, which can lead to costly court cases, and claims.

As a publican who cherishes their livelihood you need to protect your assets in anyway that you can to put a safeguard in place in advance of any such legal or financial events from occurring. We cannot rule out any risk completely but we can take measures to reduce the outcomes of the risks and have a good level of protection that covers all eventualities.

Protect your publican business now with pub insurance and safeguard your assets and finances.